Show Management Tools

Work with your team.
Collaborate from anywhere with Producers, Animators, and Editors.

Tag, Comment, and Assign Tasks directly on the script.

Previsualization player makes previewing and approving assets a breeze.

Collaborative Scripting

Never get stuck with an old version again.
Cloud based scripts, show flows, and more.

Change run order in real time.
Assets follow your script as it changes, so you never need to worry about re-organizing cues.

Shared Asset Management

Simplify your Media Management
Keeping up with assets on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, NAS/SAN, hard drives, archives, etc., etc. is getting old, right? Condense your media into one place.

Unlimited Possibilities

Connect Live Show Creator to your Switching, CG, or Playback software. MOS integration makes asset management and playout seamless.

Automatically sync assets from Live Show Creator. Never use a USB drive again.

Tailor the System

Streamline your current process with custom modules.

Here’s some of our favorites:

Tablet Control

Need to be mobile? Custom tablet modules sync in real time and allow you to control content from an app.


Does your show have heavy B-roll and packages? Organize, sync, and play back assets at lightning speed.